How to Edit Your Gameplay. Step-by-Step Guide, Best Practices, and Free Game Video Editors Reviewed

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The engaging the game is, the more fun it is. Right?

So, a little bit of editing on a premium game video editor as per the market trends and demand can help you create a video that could drive high engagement. Though gameplay editing may appear like a monumental task, many top-class game editors can make it a cakewalk.

So, if you are planning to edit gameplay, find yourself a corner because you’ve got you covered.

How to edit gameplay?

All the gameplay videos you record require editing like merging, cutting, and a lot more before you finally present it to your target audience. Mentioned below is a step-by-step guide that is a must to follow before you wish to edit your gameplay:

Step 1: Planning is a pre-mandate

We all know that we can’t complete any task without proper planning. Similarly, planning is equally essential to achieve a successful video. What does a plan include for gameplay editing?

It involves answers to various questions like the area and genre in which you want to create your video, what is the goal for which you wish to make a gameplay video and other such questions?

It is like a pre-production phase where you lay out the entire plan. The genre could vary between reviews, gag, recorded videos, and even tutorials. And to create an engaging video with a high number of views, it is essential that you choose and edit your videos carefully and provide what viewers desire.

Step 2: Record what you play

No matter what device you are playing on, whether a mobile phone, a play station, or a gaming laptop, there are vast choices of devices available before you record what you are playing. Also, on computers, several screen recording tools are available that help carry on your recording task like VSDC Free screen recorder, Apowersoft etc.

Gameplay capturing device is another potential option you could definitely consider for recording your gameplay and upload it easily on a game video editorThe best kind of device would be the one that, apart from recording your gameplay, also enables you to record your commentaries and reviews.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate audio.

After recording your gameplay, the only thing you should be concerned about before choosing a game video editor is your choice of the soundtrack or comments.

If you have only recorded your sound with the video, this part may not be necessary, but this part is equally important in the case of a voice-over or any background soundtrack. The background music you choose must be royalty-free and free of cost; otherwise, you can’t update it to any of the sites you wish to upload your gaming video on.

The sound effects assist in making your gameplay videos a tad bit more realistic.

Step 4: Choose your ideal video editor.

After having the entire raw material for your gaming video, you must provide a final destination to your content. For making a suitable video out of your content, you need to choose an ideal game video editing tool.

If you are a beginner, you need to choose comparatively simpler software to use and provide all the essential tools. The editing or the post-production phase is ideally the most crucial phase as it impacts your engagement levels considerably.

You can make a massive impact through good game editing through your potential gaming videos, like freezing the moments and even reversing and replaying them. Titles and captions are other areas in which games editing could prove to be of immense benefits. You can even change the colours of your gameplay video. Thus, in gameplay editing choosing a good video editor is potentially the most important decision you have to make.

In addition, the following are some of the best practices for editing your gameplay video editing –


Do’s of Gameplay Editing

  • Do add audio or music to your gameplay video to make them a bit engaging.
  • Do add titles and captions for those who may have a little bit of difficulty in understanding.
  • Do emphasise the best moments of your gameplay.
  • Do provide an element of surprise and suspense to your gameplay video.
  • Do create an attractive introduction for your page.

Don’ts of Gameplay Editing

  • Don’t add boring stuff into your videos.
  • Don’t make your gaming video way too long.
  • Don’t make your video without any audio or sound effects.
  • Don’t make too complicated videos that are not easy to understand by a typical audience.
  • Don’t keep on diverting your attention to multiple objects.

Now that you know how to edit gameplay and its best practices, next, you need to know the best games video editing software you could use to edit your gameplay videos, that are –

  1. InVideo
  2. iMovie
  3. Adobe Premiere Pro
  4. VSDC Video Editor
  5. Wondershare Filmora
  6. Shotcut
  7. Lightworks
  8. DaVinci Resolve
  9. AVS Video Editor
  10. Windows Movie Maker

With more than 98% happy and satisfied customers, InVideo tops the list. Therefore, for your assistance, we have also covered how you can edit your video through InVideo editor –

  • Make your account on InVideo so that you can avail its entire functions.
  • Choose the ideal blank template best suited to your needs and choose the ratio you think is perfect.
  • Then move to the Asset Library section on the website and move further to the Uploads section.
  • After choosing the Upload option, you need to import the video you wish to edit in the InVideo editor.
  • You can even choose the advanced editor section to use unique options for editing your gameplay videos, adding text and voice-overs etc.
  • The option to choose text-to-video slightly differs from other templates.

Sounds simple? It is.

Gameplay editing might look like a highly complex task prima facie, but top game video editors make it a piece of cake. So, now that you know how to make your move and taste the cake!

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