Windows 11 preview lets users create folders in start menu

Microsoft has released a new preview build for Windows 11 in which it is possible to create folders in the start menu. Apps and files can also be dragged back into the taskbar via drag and drop, after that function was previously removed.

It concerns Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22557, which can be downloaded for Insiders in the Dev Channel. In the preview build it is possible to merge apps into folders in the start menu. According to Microsoft, this was a frequently requested feature from users. From now on, they can drag apps to a folder and also organize apps within a folder. According to the company, it will be possible to rename folders in the future, but that is not yet possible.

Windows 11 will get a new Focus mode in the notification center in the preview version. There, a user can immediately enable a Do Not Disturb mode for a certain time, during which time notifications can be turned off. That mode can be customized so that users may or may not prioritize certain notifications. Focus mode is integrated into the Clock app so that users can set it for specific times.

The new OS also gets several minor upgrades, such as better hand gesture controls on tablets. It becomes possible to pin files in the Explorer. In addition, the preview version brings back an old feature that was previously removed from Windows 11: drag and drop for the taskbar. Users can use it to drag files or links to apps in the taskbar to, for example, add an attachment to an email or open a link in another browser.