Windows 10 will probably be able to download updates via p2p

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Users will likely be given the option to download operating system and app updates via p2p in Windows 10. A test build includes a setting for downloading updates “from more than one location”.

This option is included in build 10036, according to an online changelog of the build. Microsoft itself has not yet said anything about the feature, which is not yet available in publicly available builds of Windows 10.

The feature allows users to download updates via p2p, both from the Internet and from other PCs on the local network. As a result, updates must arrive faster than if everything goes through central Microsoft servers, Neowin reports.

It is unknown whether the feature will also make its way into the final version of Windows 10. The p2p download function is an option and users can also disable it or download updates only from PCs on their local network.

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