Impression Pi releases wireless virtual reality glasses for Android and iOS

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A development team has developed wireless virtual reality glasses that also have options for augmented reality. There is support for pairing with Android or iOS devices and the cheapest version costs 79 dollars, or 75 euros.

The glasses bear the name Impression Pi and can show virtual images as well as an ‘overlay’ of images on the real world: augmented reality. Positioning is built in so that the user’s head movements can be tracked. It is also possible to operate the device via hand gestures. These ‘gestures’ can also be used in VR games. To be able to use the Impression Pi, the screen of a smartphone must be used: there is support for Android and iOS.

Furthermore, the development team behind Impression Pi guards against the openness of the system. For example, an ‘open’ SDK will be available for developers to develop applications themselves, and there will be support for apps made with other SDKs, including the Google Cardboard SDK. Furthermore, the hardware can be used in other VR devices. To do this, the Core package must be purchased, which contains the hardware for positioning and tracking hand gestures with cameras.

The team behind the Impression Pi has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of the glasses. There are different versions available, with the cheapest version costing $79, or 75 euros. This Starter version contains the glasses with the essentials for VR applications, but does not have features such as augmented reality, position determination and control via hand gestures. For this, the Empower edition of converted 266 euros must be purchased. Finally, there is the Master version for 342 euros: with this version, connection with a smartphone is no longer necessary through the own screen.

Those who buy the Starter version of the Impression Pi are expected to receive it in September. The Core package will arrive in November and the other versions of the glasses will come to buyers in December. The Impression Pi should be in stores early next year.

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