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Will Apple release noise canceling AirPods next year?

Apple’s AirPods are still extremely popular and if the rumors are true, that will only get worse next year. Bloomberg reports that there is an upgrade for everyone’s favorite toothbrush attachments for your ear. The high-end models of the AirPods would get noise-canceling technology and become water-resistant (not really waterproof) in 2019. That means of course that configuration will be even more expensive, so keep in mind prices of over 200 euros .

Also the ordinary AirPods get a small upgrade, namely a new wireless chip, support for activating Siri without using your hands and a new charging case that supports the upcoming wireless charging mat from Apple. There would also be biometric sensors such as a heart rhythm sensor that should be incorporated in the earplugs, but what kind of form that is going to assume is not clear.

Over the ears

There is also another model of headphones with Apple branding. It should have already come out this year, but that model has some delay and will therefore only be on the market next year. There is also little known about this, but we are especially curious about how this will differentiate from the Beats headphones that Apple already sells. According to the report, they should end up in a higher segment than those headphones, but since the average Beats already cost more than 300 euros that will be a very expensive affair.
We are also working on an improved version of the not yet very successful HomePod speakers, but whether that will happen with the same factory is still the question. Apple ‘s previous audio partner Inventec has had some difficulty with producing both the HomePod and the AirPods and so it is now being checked whether further production can not be done with Foxconn. Not that it matters to the HomePod: the problem was not so much the quality of the speaker, but more the possibilities around it . Apple can only solve that problem by itself.

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