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Google Classroom makes it harder for students to cheat

Google Classroom is a tool from Google that helps to create, review and distribute tests and assignments. With Google Classroom, teachers and students can also come into contact with each other.

No more cheating

Google has now added twelve new updates to Classroom. One of these features has been added to prevent students from searching for answers from the assignments on the internet. That’s why there will be a ‘lock mode’ in Google Classroom, for quizzes in Google Forms. This would help students to focus more on the test or quiz. They can not leave the quiz before they have pressed the button to hand in their answers. Teachers can choose whether to turn this option on or not. There is also an update that allows devices to be turned off at self-chosen times.

Updates Google Classroom

Unable to look up answers during a test is perhaps the most striking update of Google Classroom. In addition to this disappointment for students, there are more updates. The ‘Class Work’ page will help teachers by dividing assignments or tests into modules. On the ‘People page’ students can manage their pupils or colleagues and on the ‘Settings page’ there is a lesson description. There is even a virtual reality tool, Tour Creator, with which routes can be made. With Google Earth students can measure distances.
You would almost think that a digital classroom will ever replace the real school building. If students can take tests remotely, the books are digital and the lessons can be given via video, why are they still in class? Because social interaction, structure and raising your hand on questions are very important for students!

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