Which iPhone is right for you? Do the test!

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At the moment you can still buy seven iPhones from Apple. But which iPhone suits you? We summarize them briefly for you, so that you immediately see which model is the perfect choice for you.

iPhone 12 | € 909

This year’s standard model. If you just want “a new iPhone,” this is the model we recommend. The difference with the Pro models has become even smaller this year. Almost all functions of the more expensive model are present on the iPhone 12, but you pay a lot less for it. The 6.1-inch OLED screen looks fantastic, the camera is great and you won’t have to worry about performance for years to come.

iPhone 12 mini | € 809

Are you the kind of person who always wants “the smallest iPhone”? Apple has heard your wishes! For the first time in years, Apple has released a completely new iPhone that is smaller than its predecessor. The other functions are identical to the regular 12, so with the iPhone 12 mini you really get a top model in a handy size. So, for small phone enthusiasts, this is the perfect iPhone to have

iPhone 12 Pro | € 1159

This is clearly the more luxurious version of the regular iPhone 12. The difference is mainly in the higher quality materials and the better camera. The extra price you pay for a Pro is not entirely worth it in our opinion, but sometimes it is also just about the appearance. If the iPhone 12 is a Volkswagen Golf, then the iPhone 12 Pro is clearly an Audi A3: basically the same car, but much more luxurious.

iPhone 12 Pro Max | € 1259

You want the iPhone with the largest screen? Then it is already clear that you must have the 12 Pro Max with its 6.7-inch display. In addition to all the improvements of the iPhone 12 Pro (compared to the 12), you get an even better camera with a higher zoom range and a larger sensor that captures more light. Of course you pay the main price for that, but you can also argue that from now on you no longer need an iPad for it.

Are you already completely sure that it should be an iPhone 12, but you don’t know exactly which one? In this buying advice, we compare the different iPhone 12 variants a bit more against each other.

iPhone SE (2020) | € 489

The iPhone SE appeared in early 2020 and has largely the hardware of the iPhone 11, but in the housing of an iPhone 8. It was intended for people who want the smallest and cheapest iPhone, although its position is now getting a bit more difficult with the arrival of the iPhone 12 mini. But we think it remains the iPhone with the best price-quality ratio. And even the home button with Touch ID still has a right to exist at the time of mouth masks.

iPhone 11 | € 689

Apple is still selling the iPhone 11 for a lower price. The design now looks somewhat dated, but in terms of hardware, you still get an excellent phone. In terms of performance, the iPhone 11 is barely inferior to a 12. If you already have an 11, then there really is no reason to switch to the latest model again.

iPhone XR | € 589

The oldest phone in Apple’s portfolio is the iPhone XR from 2018. The only reason we can think of to buy another iPhone XR is that you really want the borderless display with Face ID, but the iPhone 11 still too. expensive. In that case, we recommend that you continue to save, because the difference is 100 euros and with the iPhone 11 you get a lot in return. For example, a dual camera (instead of one) and a much more powerful processor.

Buy an iPhone?

From the iPhone XR from 2018 to the iPhone 12 Pro Max from November 2020, the above iPhones are all currently for sale from Apple itself.

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