WhatsApp will work on multiple devices and get ‘View Once’ mode

WhatsApp is getting a feature to work on multiple devices, without the need for an active internet connection on the primary device. So says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. There will also be a ‘View Once’ mode, where recipients can see a photo or video once.

WhatsApp View Once, WABetaInfo

The public beta of multi-device support will start in the coming months, Zuckerberg said in an interview with WABetaInfo. Then users can test the function for the first time. Users can use an account on up to four linked devices. It’s still encrypted end-to-end, but Zuckerberg doesn’t mention exactly how that works. Getting it to work was a challenge, according to the Facebook founder.

Thanks to the multi-device support, WhatsApp could start working on iPads, but the company does not confirm that it will.

In addition, there will be a View Once mode, where users can show a photo or video to a recipient once. Then the message disappears. WhatsApp already has a feature that messages automatically disappear after seven days. There is also a function to do that in all chats.