Hello Games Releases Update With DLSS Support For No Man’s Sky

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Hello Games released an update for No Man’s Sky on Wednesday, which includes the previously announced DLSS support for PCs with an Nvidia RTX GPU. The update is called No Man’s Sky: Prisms and has been released for all platforms.

Earlier this month, Nvidia announced that No Man’s Sky would receive DLSS support. PCs with an RTX GPU can enable DLSS after the Prisms update. With the rendering technique, frame rates can be increased considerably. DLSS can also be used in the game’s VR mode.

In addition to DLSS support, No Man’s Sky will also get SSR with this update; aka Screen Space Reflection, on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One X. The developer has also improved the lighting effects of headlights and other light sources. In addition, the weather effects have been further elaborated.

Hello Games not only looked at the graphical effects, but also added some gameplay elements. Players can now fly around on planets on some of the fauna they encounter along the way. Also, the developer has added more furry fauna. That should ensure more diversity in life on the planets.

The Prisms update is available for all platforms that No Man’s Sky has been released for. A full overview of the update can be found on the Hello Games website.

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