WhatsApp lets Android users unlock app with fingerprint

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WhatsApp has started offering the feature to unlock the app on Android with a fingerprint. The company reports that. The feature for iOS went live in February and has been available on Android in beta for a few months now.

Users can find the option under Settings-Account-Privacy, WhatsApp reports. The feature is in WhatsApp 2.19.308. As always, it may take a while for the update to appear in the Play Store for all users. Some users probably still have 2,19,291. That version was released in mid-October and the function is not included.

After activating the function, users can only enter the app after scanning their fingerprint. Users can choose whether the app will lock again immediately, or that it will only happen after a minute or half an hour. The function seems identical to the one in iOS. Users can also choose whether WhatsApp shows the content of messages in notifications.

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