WhatsApp denies issuing permanent bans to WhatsApp Plus users

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WhatsApp has responded to rumors that users of unofficial apps will be banned permanently. According to the company behind the software, the rumors are not true and users are only asked to uninstall the unofficial apps.

A WhatsApp spokesperson confirmed this to TechCrunch. Those who continue to use WhatsApp Plus, an unofficial version of the chat software, will remain banned from WhatsApp once a ban has been imposed. However, when the software is uninstalled and the official app is used, the company will lift the ban again.

With the statement, WhatsApp is responding to commotion that arose earlier this week. It was said that users of unofficial apps such as WhatsApp Plus were permanently banned from using WhatsApp. So that turns out not to be true. Incidentally, not all WhatsApp Plus users seem to have been banned yet.

WhatsApp has also previously acted against the use of unofficial apps. Then temporary bans were handed out to WhatsApp Plus users. However, it was over after 24 hours.

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