Google is working on Android for virtual reality glasses

Google is reportedly working on a version of its Android mobile operating system that is suitable for use with virtual reality glasses. The software should be available for free to makers of VR equipment, but it is still unclear who will use it.

The Wall Street Journal reports this on the basis of two unspecified sources. They have said that Google has appointed a team of developers to develop a modified version of Android that can be used for virtual reality. It would involve dozens of developers with other employees as well. Google itself did not want to say anything about the plans mentioned by The Wall Street Journal.

According to the sources, Google plans to offer its modified version of Android for free, which is already the case for the mobile operating system. It is still unclear what exactly it will look like and what functionality will be built in. It is also not clear which manufacturers are interested in the software.

Google is probably focusing on virtual reality because several companies have already made or announced VR glasses. In addition to the well-known Oculus Rift, it concerns, for example, large companies such as Samsung, Sony, LG and HTC. Google already has versions of Android for wearables, TVs, in the car and for businesses.

The development is being led by Clay Bavor and Jeremy Doig, according to The Wall Street Journal. The former was responsible for the launch of Cardboard, a virtual reality headset made of cardboard. Google Cardboard uses a smartphone screen to display images.