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WhatsApp allows you to respond privately in group apps

WhatsApp is always working to further improve and adapt the service. Last month that was the holiday mode. The previous month, the images that you already see in the notifications. According to Wa-betainfothere is now something to come that affects the many group apps that are there. There is a new WhatsApp update that will make it possible to respond privately to messages sent in a group . Only the person you respond to then gets to see what you have said.

Respond privately in group app

The so-called ‘react private’ option will of course only be available in the group apps. If you press and hold a message, a number of options appear: Mark with star, Reply, Send, Copy, Delete, Send a message to. The option to respond to private will also be added to this.

As a result, hopefully, if everyone is going to use it, there will be some more overview in those sometimes chaotic group apps. And if you are an hour of sports you do not have 100+ messages to read back.

Unicode 11 Emoji

There is a good deal of Emoji ready to be rolled out. A complete overview can be found here: Unicode 11 additions .

Photo in photo

A new icon and accompanying functionality will be available for viewing videos in WhatsApp. You can click this ‘picture in picture’ function when watching a video. The video will then be opened in a sort of overlying smaller screen, and will therefore no longer include the entire screen.

When does the update follow?

At the moment this update is not yet available. But once it is in beta, it will probably not be long before it will be rolled out.

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