What’s the matter with Apple’s AirPower charging mat?

Perhaps you have been waiting for a year, the charging mat for wireless charging: AirPower. The device was announced during the iPhone X event in 2017, but since then AirPower has given no sign of life anymore. Also not a year later, during the Apple event of 2018. What’s going on?

 wireless charging mat AirPower

Will AirPower appear?

AirPower was announced in September 2017 alongside the iPhone X and iPhone 8 . With the charging mat it should be possible to charge an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time wirelessly. However, Apple left Wednesday (again) nothing on the charging mat …

And it gets even worse: Apple now pretends AirPower has never been there. After the event, the company deleted all references to AirPower from the website. The only place where the charging mat is still called is a AirPods page where it is indicated that the charger is not available at the moment.

When and or AirPower comes, no one knows. At the unveiling, Apple said that AirPower would be in stores in 2018. Apple seemed to be on schedule to release the device in March but a launch was not forthcoming. Even during WWDC, the charging mat sparkled by absence and in the end the September keynote would be the moment. But AirPower is nowhere to be seen.

Technical problems

It is plausible that the absence of AirPower has to do with technical difficulties. Earlier this year, rumors stated that there were problems with overheating. In addition, it is technically a (too) big challenge to charge three products at the same time.

We have a very little hope that Apple will announce the charging mat during an extra Special Event, or a press release. And otherwise he is already buried. Silent.