3D Hubs no longer allows partcames with 3D printer

As of 1 October, 3D Hubs will stop supporting private individuals with a 3D printer. The company will focus exclusively on companies. Hubs without special qualifications can only use the Talk Maker Forum.

According to a blog post of 3D Hubs, the majority of users are already companies. 3D Hubs wants to improve its services for these customers. At the end of 2017, it carried out an experiment in the form of Fulfilled, a service designed specifically for companies. This will be the only option on the website from 1 October.
Only Hubs that are part of the 3D Hubs Manufacturing Program can still process orders. To qualify for this, a Hub must be registered as a Business Hub. On 3DPrint.com there is an e-mail addressed to Hubs that do not meet the qualifications. It states that after the change they can no longer handle orders via 3D Hubs. The Hubs still have access to the Talk Maker Forum, where individuals can offer their services.
3D Hubs was originally a platform where owners of 3D printers and customers could get in touch with each other. Customers could upload their designs and search for a 3D printer in the neighborhood. 3D Hubs is active in eighty countries.


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