What is Apple Screen Time, and How Does it Work?

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Apple Screen Time is the ultimate option for those Apple device users looking to bring limitations in regular device usage and frequent use of social media impacting health. Apple Screen Time comes with features to ensure you get control over what you do and makes you aware of the amount of time you have spent on Apple devices, including all activities you have been doing in it throughout the day. Users can assign Apple Screen Time a password. If you forget the screen time password, then refer to this link https://setapp.com/how-to/how-to-reset-forgotten-screen-time-password to know more. In this article, we will be discussing what an Apple Screen Time is and how it works.

Apple Screen Time: What is it?

Apple Screen Time can be considered as an inevitable component of iOS and iPad. This functionality could be visible under the Settings section. It continuously monitors how you are using the MacBook device. Some of the data that can be obtained from it includes the apps you have frequently used throughout the day and the amount of time you have spent on each app. It also gives data about how often you have picked up your phone to attend calls and the amount of time you have spent on calls. The data obtained is represented in graphs or charts within the menu option of Apple Screen Time. You will be delivered a weekly report every Monday in the form of a notification using which you will know what exactly you have been doing in the Apple devices on the by gone week. You will also be able to compare the report with that of the previous report giving you data about the amount of time you wasted on certain apps. It also helps you analyse whether you have been improving by using time productively or not. The data will help you make informed decisions and control the time being spent.

In addition to it, the data is further classified. Thus you can have an in-depth view of what you have been doing. For example, whether you were playing games a lot or spending more time on social media. Apple Screen Time is based on the iCloud account. Therefore you will also be able to know about how you use certain apps across multiple Apple devices. You can know it by using the ‘Share across Devices’ option within the Apple Screen Time menu.

How Apple Screen Time helps you?

The main purpose of Apple Screen Time is to provide users a greater understanding of their interaction with Apple devices and take much greater control by looking at the detailed report provided by Apple Screen Time. For example, users can uninstall or remove an app that takes too much of their time, or they can go ahead and set app limits.

How to use Apple Screen Time?

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Select the option denoted as Screen Time menu
  • It will provide you with various options such as;
    • Set App Limits
    • Scheduled Downtime
    • Set apps which you want to allow at all times
    • Block inappropriate content
    • Set limits based on your contacts
    • Set a screen time passcode that needs to be entered when the scheduled time limit expires

You can also perform many other functions such as;

  • Viewing the screen time data using the ‘See All Activity’ option
  • Users can also have day views and week views at a glance
  • Users can choose any apps listed under the ‘Most Used’ menu
  • ‘First Used After Pickup’ menu will display the apps that the user used after picking up the Apple device


How to set an app limit?

Users can use this feature to set app limits on a daily or weekly basis to limit usage. Navigate to the Settings option, and under App Limits, a user should click the option denoted as ‘Add Limit.’ From this section, you can either choose individual apps or select the whole set of apps to set a time limit for app usage. It will provide you with various time options, and you can also set different time limits based on different days.


If the user wants to turn off Apple Screen Time, they will have to navigate to Settings and choose the option denoted as Apple Screen Time. Upon scrolling towards the bottom of the menu option, the user can see the option denoted as ‘Turn off Screen Time’. Once done, you will no longer receive any notifications regarding the screen time, and it will turn off all limits, content, privacy restrictions, and downtime settings.

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