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Watch this robot jogging and make a jump

As if we were not yet concerned with Google’s ringing AI enough about the future coming under the yoke of artificial people Boston Dynamics (she of the scary / gift ] robots ) now with a new video of their Atlas robot. He could already make somersaults in controlled environments but he has now further improved.

In the video below, called “getting some air, Atlas?” you see the two-legged robot jogging a bit, and that goes damn smoothly. Then Atlas stops for a tree stump and jumps over it. That does not go as a gazelle yet, but the fact that he can do that says a lot.

Boston Dynamics is working hard on the road anyway. Besides Atlas (which has been in development for a long time) they also have the SpotMini, which was shown a while ago while ‘ie opened a door . A teaser was shown there a while ago in which the yellow dog looked into the camera and was promised more, but that is now almost half a year ago. Maybe we will see what SpotMini can do this summer? Let them take it easy, we have it difficult enough for people without the robots coming.

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