Valheim has been sold more than 6.8 million times

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The Viking survival game Valheim has sold more than 6.8 million copies in total. This applies to the period up to April, according to the quarterly figures from publisher Embracer Group. The current total number of copies sold will already be higher.

In an explanation of the quarterly figures , Embracer Group says that the quarter was mainly driven by the release of Valheim. The company says an additional 1 to 1.2 million units are expected to be sold by the end of the current, second quarter. In the best case, sales should therefore be 8 million units by the end of June.

Iron Gate, the game’s developer, released Valheim to Steam on February 2 as an Early Access game. Two weeks later, more than two million copies had been sold. The counter was already at three million on 19 February and the number was reached of five million in March.

The game is still popular, but its popularity has been declining since the first month. According to data from Steamcharts, the number of concurrent players in the past 30 days peaked at 95,398, which is well below the peak of over 500,000 concurrent players in February. The average number of players also decreases with each month. At the time of writing, Valheim is ranked 26th most played games on Steam based on the current number of players.

Valheim uses procedurally generated environments in which up to ten players have to survive. The goal is to reach Asgaard. In Norse mythology this is the name of the place where the gods live; Midgard is the name for the human kingdom. Players can work together in Valheim to craft items and buildings, as well as fight monsters.

Embracer Group includes THQ Nordic, Aspyr and Deep Silver, in addition to studios such as Gearbox, Volition, Coffee Stain and 4A Games. Embracer Group reports that the total net turnover has increased by 80 percent compared to the period from January to March 2020 to 236.2 million euros. Net sales related to games increased by 119 percent to 194 million euros.

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