Vacancy at Amazon Points to Acceptance of Cryptocurrency as a Payment Method

Amazon may be planning to accept bitcoin as a means of payment in the future. In a vacancy, the company says it is looking for experts in digital money and blockchain. Other cryptocurrencies may also be considered.

Amazon posted a job posting this weekend for a product lead for digital currencies and blockchain. The vacancy states that that employee must develop Amazon’s strategy and roadmap around those topics. The vacancy even mentions a launch strategy, which makes it seem to be about more than just an experiment or research.

According to an anonymous source from the British newspaper City AM, Amazon is aiming to support bitcoin at the online store before the end of the year. The company would also consider supporting at least eight other cryptocurrencies. That would include Ethereum, Cardano and Bitcoin Cash. Jeff Bezos himself is said to have commissioned it.

Amazon would also like to work on its own token, according to the source. According to City AM’s source, it is “increasingly likely” that the company is “moving towards tokenisation”. Details about that are not yet known, and the plans have not been confirmed by other sources so far.