US Justice indicts suspected SpyEye Trojan maker

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The American authorities have arraigned a 24-year-old Russian. He is accused of being the developer of SpyEye Trojan, a do-it-yourself kit for creating and managing botnets. SpyEye is said to have been used numerous times to steal money.

This reports Krebs On Security. The suspect, Aleksander Panin, was arrested in the Dominican Republic in June and extradited to the US. The extradition of the Russian caused the necessary diplomatic swell with Russia, but Panin was high on Interpol’s list of wanted persons. He allegedly embezzled $5 million by stealing money from internet banking. Earlier, a 24-year-old man from Algeria, suspected of helping develop the SpyEye trojan, was extradited from Thailand to the United States.

Panin has since been charged in a US court. The 24-year-old Russian is said to be responsible for the SpyEye Trojan, a do-it-yourself kit for creating and managing botnets. Using SpyEye, cybercriminals have exploited botnets to steal money from numerous businesses and consumers.

The SpyEye trojan allows malicious parties to gain remote access to infected victims’ PCs. This allows the attacker to take screenshots and intercept data sent to the internet. This may concern, for example, login details or credit card numbers with which fraud can be committed. Microsoft managed to largely disable SpyEye in March of last year. The software giant also gave the judiciary a number of indications towards the perpetrators.

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