Rumor: Amazon will release Android console for less than $300 this year

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Amazon plans to release a gaming console that runs on Android this year. In addition, the online department store would like to use an ‘affordable’ price, which is probably less than 300 dollars.

That is according to VG24/7, which claims to have obtained the information from multiple sources. The console in question would be designed by the same designers who designed the Kindle series for Amazon. The device is said to resemble the first version of the PlayStation, with gray tones and ‘sharp’ edges. It is not known which hardware runs in the housing. In terms of software, the Android operating system would have been chosen, just like with the Kindle Fire series. It is likely that Amazon is building its own skin.

The Amazon console would allow users to directly download games, while also allowing them to be streamed. Other types of content should also be available, such as video material. It’s likely that Amazon wants to distribute the content in a similar way to its Kindle Fire tablets, with content stores shipped right with the device.

According to the sources cited by VG247, Amazon had already planned to release its Android console last year. However, the release was delayed at the last minute, so the device is now scheduled for this year. When Amazon will actually put the console in stores is still unknown, but the company would like to keep the price below $300. This makes the price lower than other consoles, such as the Xbox One from Microsoft and the PlayStation 4 from Sony.

It is not the first time that rumors have come out about a console from Amazon. Last year, rumors already indicated that a game console was being worked on that can handle Android games.

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