Update Windows 8.1 appears online

The Windows 8.1 update, which will probably be officially released in March, appeared on several file sharing sites on Monday. It is a recent version that brings many minor adjustments to the OS, such as searching the Modern UI screen.

The appearance of Update 1 on the exchange networks was noticed by The Verge, who already tested the software. Included in the update is the new title bar for Modern UI apps, which allows users to minimize or maximize the apps and allows mouse users to place the apps side by side. Also, apps from the Windows Store can now be pinned to the taskbar in the regular Windows desktop environment.

In addition, the search function can now be called up directly from the start screen of the Modern UI and the same applies to restarting and shutting down. The first major update to Windows 8.1 also brings numerous minor changes. For example, the OS will default to the Windows desktop environment if no touchscreen is present and there is a compatibility mode for Internet Explorer. All changes were already apparent in previous posts.

The version that appeared on the internet is said to have been compiled on January 14. Microsoft is expected to officially release the update for the operating system on March 11.