Apple is experimenting with solar cells for smartwatches

Apple is testing wireless charging for the smart wristband that the company is rumored to be launching. In addition, the Cupertino company would experiment with a layer over the smartwatch that can draw energy from sunlight.

The information comes from the New York Times, which lists people within Apple as sources. According to them, Apple is testing induction to charge the smartwatch, using a coil in the receiving device and a coil in the charging station to transfer electrical energy at a very short distance. Among other things, the standard Qi, which is used by some Nokia Lumia devices and the Nexus 5, for example, makes use of this.

In addition, Apple would consider placing a special layer of solar cells over the curved screen of the ‘iWatch’ to automatically charge the accessory when used in sunlight. However, it is expected that it will take years before this technology is ready to be used on a large scale and efficiently.

Apple would do a lot of research into making electronics more energy-efficient and increasing the capacity of batteries. Among other things, the maker of the iPhone and iPad is said to have taken over experts in this field from Tesla and Toyota, and last year Apple acquired Passif Semiconductor, which focused on energy-efficient communication chips.