Update makes Airplay 2 available on Sonos speakers

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Audio manufacturer Sonos is distributing an update to support Airplay 2 on several of its newer speakers. Any setup with one of those speakers can therefore use the functions of Airplay 2, including the availability of Apple’s digital assistant Siri.

With Airplay 2, customers with a compatible speaker or soundbar can, among other things, transfer the sound from an iPhone, iPad or Mac directly to a Sonos device, reports the manufacturer. It is also possible to view the image on an Apple device and hear the sound through the speaker setup. In addition, Airplay 2 also adds Apple’s digital assistant Siri. At the same time, customers can continue to use Amazon’s assistant Alexa.

Airplay 2 support comes on four of the manufacturer’s devices: the Sonos One, Beam, Playbase and the second-generation Play:5. Sonos is the first third-party manufacturer to support Airplay 2. Apple released Airplay 2 in late May with iOS 11.4.

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