Facebook will start with news videos in Watch next week

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Facebook will start publishing news videos in its Watch video platform next week. The videos come from media outlets such as Fox News, Bloomberg, Buzzfeed and CNN. The videos are currently only available online in the United States.

Facebook Watch is getting a new section for the news videos, which will appear on a set broadcast schedule, the social network says. From then on, users can find them in the app. The intention is that American users in this way can get news from traditional media companies via Facebook. Facebook pays for making the shows.

The company will personalize the feed of news videos based on user preferences and what contacts have viewed. It is planned that the video platform will have more such sections in the future, such as Gaming.

Media companies are going to make videos that only appear on Facebook Watch. Watch isn’t the social media company’s only video platform. Sister company Instagram recently came up with IGTV. The market for online videos has been in the hands of competitor Google for a decade, which owns the largest video site in the world with YouTube.

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