UPC makes Horizon Extra Mediabox available to customers

UPC comes with a small version of the Horizon Mediabox, which can be placed in a bedroom, for example. The small Mediabox connects to its big brother via utp, coax or WiFi to stream TV programs.

The Horizon Extra Mediabox can be purchased from Wednesday, a user reported on the UPC user forum Chelloo. Spokesperson Ilse de Sain of UPC confirms this. “We’re going to set him up in a minute,” said De Sain. Users have to pay an extra five euros per month per mini-Horizon box.

The extra Horizon box does not stand alone, but can be linked to the large Horizon box. The small box itself does not have a hard drive on board, but streams movies and programs from its big brother. The extra Mediabox can be linked to a large Mediabox via multimedia-over-coax, utp or a wireless connection, although the latter is not recommended.