Uber tests car rental through its app in San Francisco

Uber does not just want you to be taken from place to place, they are now also going to see if they can not arrange a whole car. The company will cooperate with local service Getaround in San Francisco under the name Uber Rent. This means you can rent a car via the Uber app for a day or even an hour.

At the moment it seems to be a nice initiative for the people of Getaround because they now suddenly have a lot more potential customers who get to see their rental cars. When the test starts actively, Uber does not say at the moment.

Not yet international

So it’s only going to work in San Francisco (because of course), but if the cooperation is successful, there is a chance that the initiative will be extended. Uber seems to be half in an identity crisis with all the expansions they are doing: the technique for self-driving cars rental, it is all in line with what they do but their primary business model runs also still not . Perhaps this is just a small test that was relatively easy to implement and that’s why they do it.

Looking further, it is also not clear whether this cooperation would also work with other car rental companies and then it remains to be seen whether the internationally operating rental companies are good at it.