LG sets up division to keep Android smartphones up-to-date

If the rest of the Android makers want to pay attention? LG is finally getting the hang of it and has set up a new division for the relatively new CEO Hwang Jeong-hwan whose only task will be to upgrade the smartphones of the brand up-to-date. keep update when it comes to Android. Traditionally, the time remaining in Android country is only reserved for phones that come from Google itself, such as the Pixels.

Other models are immediately behind the release and that remains so in many cases. LG’s own phones are facing the same problem, where flagship G6 from last year is still not on Android Oreo, which was announced last September. Within a few months, that update should be rolled out globally after it has been tested in Korea.

Badly tested

It would be a nice improvement for LG, which in the most last of the consumer union still came down below when it came to security updates for their phones. This new division must put an end to all that misery. Not only will the LGs get updates sooner, they will also be made more stable so that any new functions will not cause phones to stop working.
Good news, were it not that the smartphone division of LG does not go very well . LG as a company has very good results, but that is despite the mobile division, instead of thanks. Next month comes LG with a new flagship model smartphone, perhaps that can turn the tide…