Uber announces its own electric car together with British car manufacturer

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Uber announced its own electric car on Tuesday. For the production of the car, Uber will collaborate with the British Arrival, which develops electric buses. The car should go into production in 2023.

Uber and Arrival announced on Tuesday that they would be working together on the electric car, which they call the Arrival Car. Uber told Reuters that the car is aimed at the taxi services offered through Uber’s platform. Production of the car is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023, so it will be a while before Uber cars are on the road.

Uber only wants to offer electric rides by 2030 and this car should help achieve this target, according to the company. According to Uber, the car must be affordable, so that Uber drivers can switch to electric driving. The company has not disclosed what the car will cost.

Arrival is currently also working with delivery service UPS. The automaker signed a deal with UPS last year to supply 10,000 electric vans.

Until last year, Uber also had its own vehicle development division. This specifically concerned the technology for self-driving cars. This industry was sold at the end of 2020.

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