Uber allows minors to use their own profile and request rides independently

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Uber is adding teen profiles to Uber. This allows 13 to 17-year-olds to use their own profile and request rides independently. However, the profile must be linked to an adult’s account.

The adult must create the teen account and will be notified when a ride is requested, writes Uber on its website. They can also track the journey and contact the driver. In addition, the audio is automatically recorded, which the adult can listen to live. The teen must also complete security training in the app before using their account.

Drivers have the option to disable minors from requesting rides from them. It will also be possible in individual cases to refuse rides for that reason, because the profile will state whether it concerns a teenage account. The ability for minors to create an account is currently only available in select cities in the US and Canada. “More locations” will be added soon, says Uber.

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