Uber adds driver tip function to app

Taxi service Uber has added a function to its app to tip a driver. After an update, the feature will work in all cities in the US and Canada, but not in Europe for now. Customers also have to pay if the driver has to wait longer than two minutes.

Uber gives the option to give a tip when giving a rating, according to the page about it on the Uber site. This can also be done a while after getting out. The entire tip goes to the driver and Uber doesn’t charge a percentage on it. The feature has been live in 100 US cities since Thursday night.

This is the first time that Uber has allowed tipping in its app. The competing service Lyft has had this for some time and it is presumed that Uber will follow suit to make it more attractive for people to join the taxi service.

Uber mentions that tipping will work in every city in the US and Canada beginning in late July, and won’t say when the feature will be available in the rest of the world. In addition, users will now have to pay if the driver has to wait longer than two minutes at the chosen location. That’s five minutes now. Uber would add even more functions to its service in the coming six months to satisfy drivers, The Verge reports based on an email to drivers.

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