Two leaders of GPU marketing department leave Intel

Chris Hook and Heather Lennon are leaving Intel. They would work at a start-up. The two had leadership positions in Intel’s GPU marketing department. Both Hook and Lennon spent many years at AMD and only recently joined Intel.

Website SemiAccurate writes that Hook and Lennon are leaving Intel and that both are going to start-ups. It is not known which start-up is involved. After publication of the article confirmed Hook on Twitter that he is leaving. In that tweet, he also confirms Lennon’s departure, saying he is leaving the company following her and Jon Carvill’s lead.

Chris Hook was brought in by Intel in April last year as marketing chief. In that position, he would map out the marketing strategy for visual technologies and Intel’s upcoming GPU. Hook previously worked at ATI since 2001 and later at AMD. There he was responsible for marketing Radeon video cards for many years. Heather Lennon was still working, but since April this year at Intel. She joined Chris Hook’s team there as senior marketing manager. She has worked for AMD since 2011.

Intel has not yet announced anything about Hook and Lennon’s departure. It is not clear who their successors are. Intel is working on video cards under the leadership of Raja Koduri, also a former AMD employee. The first high-end video card from Intel should be released at the end of next year.

Jon Carvill, Intel’s former vice president of marketing, left earlier this year. He started working as a marketing chief at Nuvia, the new chip company set up by leading CPU designers who made a name for themselves at Apple, among others. That company has raised USD 53 million from investors and wants to make an efficient processor for servers. It is not known whether Hook and Lennon will also work at Nuvia. Hook says he will announce more about where he will be working soon. Lennon has not yet commented on her departure.