Adobe reports data breach in Magento Marketplace accounts

Adobe has notified Magento Marketplace users of a data breach. According to the company, some of the Marketplace account data was visible to a third party. It is not about passwords or payment details.

In a message that Adobe sent to Magento Marketplace users, it states that on November 21, it was discovered that a third party had unauthorized access to data. Adobe does not provide technical details, but says it has closed the service that made that possible.

The leak gave access to information about the Magento Marketplace user account. Names, e-mail addresses and the MageID, among other things, were transparent. Address information of the account holders, which is specified for the billing and shipping address details, was also available. This includes addresses and telephone numbers. Furthermore, ‘limited commercial information’ was visible, it would be information about percentages for payments to developers.

Adobe emphasizes that there was no access to passwords or payment information. The company also says that “key parts” of Magento were not affected by the leak. It is not known how many customers have been affected by the data breach. Last year, web store company Magento was acquired by Adobe for $1.7 billion.

The Magento data breach follows a month after a breach at Creative Cloud. Adobe had a database of data from 7.5 million customers online unsecured. In 2013, data of 38 million Adobe users fell into the hands of the criminals. That was one of the biggest hacks ever at the time.