Twitter will punish violators with increasingly longer account closures

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Twitter is going to punish people who break the rules around spreading misinformation about the coronavirus with increasingly longer account closures. After five violations, Twitter will permanently close an account.

However, there is still a system for lodging objections to a sentence, reports Twitter. The ‘strikes’ system should provide a clear path to when Twitter shuts down an account for how long. Until now there was no such system.

The company says it hopes that the ‘strikes’ system will help users understand why they have broken certain rules and consider not doing so in the future. After five violations, Twitter will close an account.

Twitter is also starting to label tweets containing vaccine misinformation. Those tweets can no longer be shared and there is a link to government information about, for example, the safety of vaccinations.

Twitter ‘strikes’ 1 violation 2 violations 3 violations 4 violations 5 violations
Account closed Not 12 o’clock 12 o’clock 7 days Permanent

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