Twitter tested unfollow suggestions feature functie

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Twitter has been testing a feature in recent days, where users were given a list of people they might want to unfollow. This involved people to whom they responded little, for example, says the social network.

In this way, Twitter wanted to try to provide people with a more relevant timeline by following fewer accounts, the company said in a statement to The Verge. It was a test with few accounts that ran for several days, according to the social network.

Those in the test received a notification in the timeline that read ‘check what’s on here’, according to a tweet from an employee of The Next Web who posted screenshots. One of his contacts was shown the notification in the timeline.

The suggestions to unfollow people would be new. Social networks usually provide suggestions on who users should follow, in order to increase the number of contacts on a social network and possibly increase the interest in that social network.

Screenshots: Matt Navara

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