Twitter releases feature that makes tweets visible to a limited group

Twitter made the Twitter Circle feature available to all users on Tuesday. It allows users to create a group of followers who can see their tweets. The ‘circle’ can contain up to 150 users.

The feature has been tested on a limited group of Twitter users since May. Since Tuesday is it available to everyone. According to Twitter, the Circle feature should “make the platform more accessible.” “We want to ensure that everyone on Twitter has the choice, control, tools and transparency to join the conversation how and when they want to. Twitter Circle is an important step in that direction,” Twitter wrote in a statement.

Before posting a message, the user can choose whether he wants to make the tweet visible to all followers or only to the ‘circle’. To do this, he creates a list of followers that can be changed at any time. The people who are added to or removed from the list will not be notified. Furthermore, the Circle tweet cannot be retweeted or shared. Also, all replies to the message are private.