Twitter One Click Block

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Twitter users have probably suffered from having to wade through unwanted & tiresome tweets from accounts that you can block. There is a mechanism of blocking accounts on Twitter, but the procedure for doing so is time-consuming and not very intuitive. This is where the Twitter One Click Block extension can help you.

Twitter One Click Block extension is free and works in Chrome browser. Once you’ve installed it, it does 1 simple thing, which is adding an icon of a circle with a slash through it on every tweet, right next to heart (like) button. The icon enables the possibility of blocking, by clicking on it – the user account that posted that tweet.

If you want to block an account the old fashioned way, you 1st have to click on the @account to go to the profile, then click on the gear icon, select ‘Block’ from the menu, & finally click on ‘Block’ to confirm. This can get tiresome really fast if you want to block more than 1 account, & even if you just do it once in a while, it’s not easy to remember how to do it.

Click Here to install this extension.

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