Twitter comes up against misinformation with an ‘election information hub’

Twitter will come on its website and in its app with a ‘hub’ with information about the upcoming US presidential election. Twitter deems this resource necessary to “cover in advance topics likely to be associated with misinformation.”

If an American user now comes up with a search term such as ‘mail-in voting’, he will receive a large block at the top of the results warning that misinformation about that topic may be spread. Furthermore, he is assured that voting by post is safe and he receives links to a list of all State Election Officials and a Twitter Moment with even more information about that specific topic.

Another block of information that users can see contains information about election results, that they may be delayed and that a winner may be falsely declared by unnamed parties.

Twitter has already taken steps to better protect the platform and its users against mis- or disinformation. For example, it adds a stamp to tweets containing debunked information and encourages users to quote tweet instead of retweet. That writes The Verge.