Twitter: blue checkmarks representing identity verification will disappear April 1

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Twitter says it will remove the legacy verified checkmarks from April 1. The only way to get a blue check mark on an account then is to pay for the Twitter Blue subscription.

Twitter owner Elon Musk has often stated that he disagrees with the old system of assigning blue check marks to accounts and that this would be phased out. That moment is now coming, although the start date is the well-known day to play pranks. Musk is not averse to that; The Verge cites examples from a price drop of a Tesla model to $69,420 and that Twitter’s press email address responds to all messages with the poop emoji.

What remains, is a blue check mark from the 8.47 euros per month Blue subscription, but this does not include verification of identity. This does take place with the gray and gold check marks. Gray check marks are for governments and government officials. Gold is for businesses. News site The Information obtained internal documents stating that in the future Twitter would charge a thousand dollars, the equivalent of 923 euros, per month for the golden yellow check marks.

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