Travel enthusiast’s dream job: getting paid to travel across the US in a motorhome

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Once in a while a real dream job comes along. A position for which you would even leave everything behind. For travel enthusiasts, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: travel across the United States in a motorhome for six months and get paid $ 50,000 for it. Oh yes, you have to be a beer lover as the feature is offered by the Michelob Ultra brand. They promise the Chief Exploration Officer (CEO) an office with the best view and give you the task of raising awareness of the brand on your journey.

Traveling for work

Traveling for work is therefore your work in this position. You travel around with a special and comfortable camper. Of course, all travel expenses are reimbursed and you have your own bathroom ‘on board’. Your mission is to explore some of the most iconic landscapes in the US and capture their beauty. The chosen one may make the journey alone or take someone with him. Whether that is your partner, family or pet.

To be eligible for the dream job, you must be over 21 years old and have a US driver’s license. It is also useful if you are a beer lover, can deal with social media and would like to explore the National Parks of the US.

National Parks of the USA

In 6 months, your employer would like you to at least visit the following National Parcs: Yosemite, Sequoia, Joshua Tree, Big Bend and Saguaro. The beer brand also wants you to put in some effort to get the perfect photos. You are not paid for nothing of course.

You can apply here until September 30 , so what are you waiting for?

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