Toshiba sells its last shares in Dynabook to Sharp

Toshiba has sold its last shares in laptop brand Dynabook to Sharp. Sharp is now the full owner of Toshiba’s former PC division. The latter still had 19.9 percent of the shares, 80.1 percent had already been sold in 2018.

With the acquisition of Toshiba Client Solutions by Sharp in 2018, the contract stipulated that the company would have the option to acquire all shares after two years. Toshiba reports that this has been completed. Toshiba has thus left the laptop market in its entirety.

After Sharp acquired TCS, the company renamed the division to Dynabook in early 2019. Laptops for the business market appear under that name. The company focuses mainly on thin and light models, such as those in the Portégé series.

Toshiba was a well-known brand in the laptop market for many years. The first Toshiba laptop appeared in 1985. Over the past ten years, Toshiba PC shipments plummeted. As part of a major reorganization, Toshiba transferred the PC division to Toshiba Client Solutions in early 2016, which was sold to Sharp for $ 36 million.