New Xbox controller manual mentions Xbox Series S

The new Xbox controller includes a guide stating that the controller will not only work with the upcoming Xbox Series X, but also with a Series S. Microsoft hasn’t announced this variant of the next-gen console yet.

The paperwork that Microsoft ships with its new Xbox controller describes that the accessory works with iOS, Android, Windows 10, the Xbox One and the “Xbox Series X | S”. This is evident from the pictures that Twitter user Zak S publishes the controller and packaging.

That controller is not officially for sale yet, but the user claims to have bought it via the mobile marketplace OfferUp for $ 35. He publishes several photos and a video of the accessory, including images comparing it with the controller of the current Xbox One generation.

Microsoft has not officially revealed the Xbox Series S yet, but there have been rumors for months that a cheaper Xbox of the new generation is on the way, with the name ‘Series S’ already being mentioned. The device is reportedly internally codenamed Lockhart, while the Series X is nicknamed Anaconda.

Microsoft is rumored to plan to unveil the Xbox Series S console this month . The Series S would have a smaller amount of ram, lower clock speeds and less GPU computing power than the Series X and also lack a disk tray.