Top-level domain .club is working again after being offline for a few hours

The .club tld has been completely offline for a few hours. None of the more than a million sites with this domain name could be visited. It is not yet known what caused the problem. The tld is now available again.

When a site with a .club domain name was opened, an Nxdomain error message appeared. This was confirmed by several sources, including Cloudflare. The company says it has identified a “name resolution problem” in its upstream registry. It’s not often that entire top-level domains are down. After two and a half hours, Namecheap said it had found the solution and that the domain can be visited again.

It is still unclear what exactly caused the problem. The .club TLD was acquired by GoDaddy earlier this year, along with 19 other top-level domains. One was the domain name for a major bank, .hsbc, which, like .club, was down for 2.5 hours. According to domain news site Domainincite, that takeover could be a cause of the problem. The site also reports that it appeared to be a DNS problem, as the tld’s name servers were all unresponsive, and they also all use the same IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.