Tinder asks users ‘Are you sure?’ when sending offensive messages

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Dating app Tinder adds a Are You Sure feature, which asks users for confirmation before sending a potentially offensive message. Tinder claims to use artificial intelligence to recognize offensive messages while typing.

The AI ​​is based on posts reported as offensive in the past, according to Tinder. The model continues to evolve and should improve over time, the company says. According to Tinder, tests using the AYS feature resulted in a 10 percent drop in “inappropriate language”.

The Are You Sure feature is an addition to the existing Does This Bother You? Feature, which asks message recipients if they feel uncomfortable after receiving a potentially offensive message.

Tinder has already tested with the AYS prompt and says that messages from users seeing the popup were reported less frequently in the following month. That would show that the pop-up has a long-lasting effect and not just on one call.

The Does This Bother You? Popup resulted in a 46 percent increase in reports of inappropriate messages. Last year was the ‘busiest so far’ for Tinder. The dating app has been around since 2012, is available in 190 countries and has been downloaded more than 430 million times.

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