Tim Cook: Soon we’ll be wondering how we ever lived without AR

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Apple CEO Tim Cook gave his opinion on augmented reality during a Q&A at an Italian university. According to the man, people will soon wonder how we ever managed to live without the technology.

cook got during a question-and-answer conversation at the University of Naples a question from a student about future technologies that he himself is looking forward to. The CEO of Apple started in his answer about artificial intelligence and states that AI will soon affect just about everything in a person’s life. Cook cited the ECG functionality on the Apple Watch as an example and stated that Apple is still working on other AI projects. What those are is not clear. After that, Cook gave his opinion on augmented reality.

Cook said he is very excited about the possibilities of this technology and that AR can make some experiences in life even “better”. He was referring to the question-and-answer conversation he was having in college at the time. According to Cook, people will soon be wondering how people ever managed to live without AR. The CEO of Apple did not give a timescale in his answer and stated that this development will not come suddenly.

It is not clear whether Cook provided further explanations about AR, or any AR products from Apple after this answer. After all, the video call was interrupted shortly after the answer. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple would announce its first VR headset, which would also have AR applications, in early 2023. According to this analyst, it would be a pair of glasses with a price tag of thousands of euros, with a lot of cameras on board.

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