Microsoft is pulling out of SwiftKey keyboard for iOS on October 5

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Microsoft will remove the SwiftKey keyboard for iOS from the App Store on October 5. The company will no longer offer support from then on. The Android app can still be downloaded and will remain supported for the time being.

Microsoft shared the news to the editors of ZDNet. According to the American company, the iOS variant of the keyboard will continue to work as long as the corresponding app is installed on a device. Updates and support are no longer expected. As to why Microsoft is currently discontinuing development and support for the virtual keyboard on iOS, it remains silent.

Microsoft acquired SwiftKey in 2016 for approximately $250 million. The British company had developed artificial intelligence technology that it used in the keyboard app of the same name. Thanks to that technology, Swiftkey can predict which word a user would type. The company used neural networks to help the app understand what words mean. This allows SwiftKey to make better suggestions. Microsoft says that the Android version of the virtual keyboard is still supported. The underlying technology is also still used in the touch-sensitive keyboard of the Windows operating system.

Microsoft SwiftKey for iOS

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