TikTok will not automatically follow European users for the time being

TikTok is not implementing its new privacy policy for the time being. Under that new policy, TikTok is allowed to track its users and use that data for personalized advertisements. Various regulators have problems with that step.

TikTok says to TechCrunch still believe that following users is a good step. “We believe in personalized advertising to provide the best in-app experience for our community and it aligns us with the way this industry works.” TikTok has therefore only paused the introduction of the conditions.

Concerns about the new privacy policy came from Italy and Ireland, among others. TikTok says that providing personalized ads is a “legitimate interest” in collecting data and that it is not necessary to ask for permission to do so.

The Irish data regulator has not explained its protest, but according to the Italian regulator is the use of data for personalized advertising not a ‘legitimate interest’ according to the European e-Privacy Regulation of 2002. The Italian and Irish regulators are working together in this case. TikTok wanted to automatically follow users aged eighteen and older from Tuesday.