TikTok test integrate Stories on For You page

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Social medium TikTok is testing the integration of Stories on the For You page. That should make the Stories more visible. You can also upload via a mode after pressing the + sign, instead of a bar on the side.

The Stories still disappear after 24 hours, reports Matt Navara, former editor of The Next Web. As a Applied Sciences editor, he was regularly the first to publish about testing social media companies. Stories were only visible in TikTok via an uploader’s profile page, but now appear on users’ For You page as part of the test. That ‘FYP feed’ is the central feed of videos in the app.

That it is a Story is indicated by a blue label above the uploader’s username. Uploading is now done via the + button, which uploaders also use to upload regular videos. When uploading, the Stories mode is called Quick. TikTok parent company ByteDance has not responded to the appearance of the footage.

TikTok started with Stories about six months ago. The post disappearing after 24 hours feature comes from Snapchat and has been copied by many social media outlets in recent years. Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube, among others, also have the function.

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