Marketing strategies in 2023: the 5 tips to follow

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As we saw a few years ago, marketing strategies in 2023 will undoubtedly have customer engagement as the protagonist. Do you want to know where to focus your strategies?

Traditional communication and marketing strategies, as we knew them, have already ceased to have the impact they had, especially after the arrival of new technologies in society. But that’s not bad news!

The evolution of marketing has given rise to many other marketing strategies that are intended to sell and gain an advantage over the competition. In this way, marketing strategies today seek to provide added value to potential customers, and this added value comes hand-in-hand with the content. Surely you have heard of content marketing.

Creating relevant and engaging content for your target audience has become the key to customer loyalty for your brand. And the trend is not going to change!

Marketing: the importance of customer engagement

Current marketing is based on constant communication with customers, aiming to improve and prosper in the sector. The evolution of marketing shows that the commitment to the consumer comes before everything else. And, if we add this, with the infinity of information channels that exist today, the opportunities for creating captivating content to connect with the client increase significantly.

Marketing is constantly changing, and you have to adapt to it. For this reason, in today’s post, we want you to be aware of the new marketing trends for 2023 to make your communication strategies entirely successful.

Thus, we give you five tips to remember when creating your marketing strategies in 2023. Do not stay without discovering them!

The 5 best tips to keep in mind for your marketing strategies in 2023

1.      Creating a video-based content marketing

Videos will continue to be one of the most significant ways to create content, as they will continue to be users’ favorite. Today, more than 90% of marketers use video to create relevant content for their followers and potential customers.

The reason? It helps users to understand better the information offered. Of course, remember to create videos with inspiring content for your target audience! Creating videos about your products or services is fine, but you should always look for that added value.

In this regard, the success of TikTok as a social network these years ago is worth noting. The trend affirms that it will continue to be so, so do not hesitate to refer your digital marketing strategies to this platform.

2.      Use of influencer marketing

Indeed you are also one of the people who follow an influencer on their social networks, especially if they talk about topics that interest you. Influencers have been included in marketing and communication strategies for some time since they have a vast, active, loyal community of followers.

The trend continues for the year 2023. Remember that influencer marketing will be vital to entering new market niches and reaching a broader audience. Of course, you must establish an effective strategy, choosing an influencer that adapts to your brand’s values.

In this sense, it should be noted that it is not necessary to go to the great influencers of social networks. There are a large number of micro-influencers, with between 1,000 and 100,000 followers, as well as nano-influencers, with less than 1,000 followers, whose strategies with it will be just as effective.

3.      Obtaining your own audiences

Social networks have been, until recently, the center of all digital marketing strategies. However, brands need to establish greater control of their audiences. Something uncontrollable on social media.

The reason is the disappearance of cookies in 2023. Yes, that’s how it is. Google has announced the removal of cookie tracking. For websites and e-commerce, it becomes bad news since this user tracking was vital for a large part of the advertisers.

For this reason, for 2023, we advise you to obtain your audiences. And it’s not difficult at all! Take advantage of your newsletter subscribers and exploit email marketing.

As simple as that. A good database with your subscribers will allow you to reach your audience safely through emails. Reaching your audience through social networks is much more complicated. Did you know that more than 6 million companies advertise on Facebook? And that on Instagram, more than 1,000 photos are uploaded per second? Thus, the chances of reaching your target audience decrease.

Bet on an influential newsletter and manage your audience!

4.      Implementation of chatbots

Without a doubt, we live in an era where we want immediate answers. For this reason, including a support service on your website available 24 hours a day will be essential in your communication strategies for 2023.

In this sense, use chatbots in your e-commerce to offer users a place to answer questions and facilitate the sales process. Chatbots are technologies based on artificial intelligence that allow you to chat with potential customers on your website in real-time.

Thus, customer service will improve significantly, increasing the chances of selling. In addition, it allows you to automate the most repetitive tasks and increase productivity.

5.      Application of social and sustainable marketing strategies

In recent years, the biggest challenge for brands has been adapting their business to more sustainable bets and being more committed to social aspects. And it will continue to be! Recent studies state that nearly 50% of young people opt for one brand or another based on their social commitment.

Thus, social and sustainable marketing strategies will be critical in 2023. These types of strategies will position the brand immediately. From the fight against climate change to campaigns in favor of LGTBI rights.

Consumers want brands involved with the environment and social problems that abound in the 21st century. So don’t be left behind! Every grain of sand counts to live in a better world.

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