TikTok introduces invisible ‘dislike’ button for comments

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TikTok is coming with a ‘dislike’ button for individual comments on the platform. When a user uses the feature, it is only visible to TikTok and to him or her, but not to creators or other users.

Users can use the button to say they find a comment irrelevant or inappropriate, says TikTok. That the dislikes are invisible to other users or creators is to prevent creators from becoming demoralized or users blaming other users for pressing the button.

TikTok then uses the “dislike” input to determine how high the comment gets. There has been a public way to like a comment for some time now. TikTok increases liked comments and rates a like from the creator of the video the highest.

The button will be next to the option to report a comment. There has long been a way to indicate a lack of interest in the video in the app, in order to prevent the algorithm from recommending similar videos to the user.

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